video format

Video Format for Your iOS Devices iPhone and iPad

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iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch are really great devices for watching video on and you may have purchased some from the iTunes Store, downloaded from other sites or converted some from DVDs. But what about those video you have …

Gary Schwartz Photography

Learn Photography

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Photography is a very popular hobby and there are a few things you can do to improve your photographs. There are a few things that are the things you have to get right like correct exposure, sharp focus and keeping …

microsoft word - jargon free help

Learn Word

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This must be one of the most used programs both at home and at work. A lot can be done with Microsoft Word and many of you may just use a small fraction of its features.

Here are some tutorials …

jargon free help - excel

Learn Excel

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Excel is a very powerful program that can do from the most basic calculations to advanced functions, it can create charts, do what-if analysis and help organise and interpret your data, and that is just scratching the surface.

Here are …

copy photos and video from iphone to computer

Getting Photos and Video from iPhone to Your Computer

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Lets face it so many of us have a huge number of photos and video on our iPhones and iPads, it is just so tempting to click that shutter when we see something we like. The problem is we either …

Jargon Free Help - Fix Problem with Handbrake

Fix Problem with Handbrake

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If you have Handbrake for ripping DVDs then you might need this fix to make it work. People who have used Handbrake sometimes say that their videos are broken up or pixelated.

Here is a solution that has worked for …

retrieve apps

Get A Lost App, Song, Movie or TV Show Back

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So you need to get an app, song, film or TV show back that is missing on your device, it could be you have more than one device and want the content on both devices, you downloaded it on one …


Dropbox – Sharing Files and Folders

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Dropbox is an excellent tool for storing files online, in addition it is also really easy to share files and folders with family, friends, clients and colleagues. If they have a Dropbox account then they can share the same folder …

carbs app

A Clever App for Carbs and Calorie Counting

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If you’re looking to lose weight or control your diabetes then this app Carbs and Cals is a clever way of counting calories without weighing everything. By using pictures you can quickly determine how many calories you are consuming.

Best …