Excel: 3D Formulas

If you have been creating formulas in Excel then you may have been wondering about what to do if you have a formula that needs to used values from different worksheets or workbooks. This is known as a 3D formula. The same applies to functions too.

You can easily create a formula that uses values from different worksheets, this could be something like different sheets have data for individual month, each month could show a total profit and you want to total all of these up on a summary sheet, this is where you would use a 3D formula. This is not the only occasion you would do this, it could be you have a sheet with currencies on it that you need use on other sheets or even in another workbook, perhaps you also have a value for sales tax on one sheet and need to use it on another. As you can see there are many reasons to use a 3D formula.

In this video you will see how to make a 3D formula.